Age Divisions



The APGT Open Division will be open to all ages and sexes.


The APGT Senior Division (45+) will be open to all sexes who’s date of birth is on or before December 31st



The APGT Amateur Division will be open to all ages and sexes who have not competed as a professional of have collected more than $750 dollars in any USGA, APGT, LDA, or ALDA sanctioned event.



Cancellation Policy for event prior to start

• In extreme circumstances that the safety of our players would be in jeopardy from such things as a tornado, flood, an act of terrorism, pending hurricane etc, a meeting in consultation with the Hosting Course/ Range and APFT Staff

• If the decision is to cancel the tournament, and time permits, then every effort must be made to contact the players prior to arrival and to refund their entry fees

Cancellation Policy for a competition already in Progress

• If course or weather conditions are such that postponement or cancellation may become a concern, a meeting to develop a strategy will be held between the Hosting Course and the APGT Staff

• Every effort must be made to complete scheduled rounds

• Champions and team members can be named as long as a minimum of 1 round has been completed

• If 1 round can’t be played refer to the following, in sequence

– Try to reschedule the event with a full field at any available venue for a minimum of 1 round.

– Try to reschedule the event with a limited field at any available venue for a minimum of 1 round.

– Emergency meeting will be held by tournament committee if above options cannot be utilized

• Considerations may include:

– Prior year’s performance at same tournament

– Order of Merit Points

– Performance history

• No entry fee refunds for players will be considered for events already in progress as fees to the host club/ range and other APGT expenses are still incurred

Code of Conduct Policy

This policy applies to all APGT-administered competitions, including LDA qualifying competitions, ALDA qualifying competitions and Pro-Ams, administered by the APGT Staff.

By submitting an entry for any APGT-administered competition, the player understands that their participation is at the sole discretion of the APGT. A player may be removed from any competition at the discretion of the APGT staff or at any time before or during the competition. Incidents of unbecoming conduct or actions deemed to be detrimental to the image of the APGT or the spirit of the game are grounds for such removal and suspension from future APGT-administered competitions. These include, but are not limited to the following:

• Willful damage of the golf course, driving range or golf course property
• Club throwing or unnecessary club tossing
• Offensive or unbecoming language
• Public criticism of the golf course or verbal abuse of APGT staff, officials, volunteers, host club staff or other players
• Potential endangerment of others
• Conduct deemed unbecoming

Only those clubs on the LDA Approved Conforming Club list are eligible for competition.

All club heads must conform to USGA standards. Clubs must not appear on the USGA non-conforming list.

All golf clubs must measure 50 (vertically at 90 degree angle) or less.

Competitors have the necessary time deemed by an APGT Staff member to complete their set of six balls.

All competitors will hit the provided official golf ball brand of the APGT, Taylormade TP Black or comparable ball.

Tees must NOT be longer than 4 inches in length and must be approved by the USGA.

USGA rules apply for the teeing ground, tee and intent to strike.

Withdrawal & Refund Policies


Withdrawal Policy

The APGT withdrawal policy applies both to withdrawals prior to the start of an APGT competition and during an APGT competition as set forth below.

Withdrawal Prior to the Start of a Competition

To withdraw for any reason prior to the start of an APGT competition, a player must notify one of the APGT Event Coordinator by phone at (478) 227-8477, or by e-mail at info@americanpowergolf.com at least 7 days prior to the start of competition . Failure to notify the APGT will subject the player to suspension from future APGT competitions.

Withdrawal during an APGT Competition

All players are expected to complete the competition they start. Acceptable reasons for withdrawal during a competition are physical injury, illness or an emergency. Poor play is not an acceptable reason for withdrawal. A player who withdraws without an acceptable reason or without notifying APGT personnel will be subject to NO refund.


A full refund will be issued within 2 weeks of the completion of the competition as long as the competitor completely withdraws from all APG functions pertaining to that event he or she is register for.

A partial will be issued if competitor withdraws completely 1 week before the event and does not participate in any APG functions related to the event.

No Refund will be issued if competitor withdraws from the event with in 7 days of the start of the event.