Here are the pairings for the Masters of Long Drive. We have 26 competitors broken down into 2 sessions of 13. We will take 2 hitters out of each Group plus 2 wilds in each session for round 1.

First Session

Group A

Kevin Shook
Mat Vilade
Maurice Allen
Brent Champion

Group B

Clay Lanigan
David Mobley
Tim Burke
Houston Hair
Steve Thacker

Group C

Josh Fretz
Kyle Blakely
Steve Magan
Mick Yelovich

Second Session

Group D

Landon Gentry
Brad McAnally
Brooks Baldwin
Tadd Gosnell

Group E

Chris Deason
Jeff Crittenden
Kevin Bullard
Justin Moose
Matt Eicholtz

Group F

Jason Embler
Trent Scruggs
Dustin Merrill
Patrick Hopper

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