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Here’s a great article from The Golf Wire about House of Forged shafts. Landon Gentry won The Master’s of Long Drive using a House of Forged shaft.

Matrix Shafts Ozik TPHD Claims First 400+ Yard Drive Of The 2011 PGA Season

The Matrix Ozik TP7HD in a TaylorMade R11 makes history at Bay Hill

ANAHEIM, Calif. – MATRIX Shafts claimed the first, and so far, only official 400-yard drive on the PGA Tour this season on the fifth hole at Bay Hill of the Arnold Palmer Invitational on Thursday, March 31, 2011. To be exact, the drive was a rocket that traveled approximately 408-yards. It was also the longest drive ever recorded in the history of the Arnold Palmer Invitational. In this case, the setup was with an OZIK TP7HD in a TaylorMade R11 head. MATRIX Shafts commitment to delivering the world’s finest performance shafts has paid dividends on the PGA Tour and the LDA Tour alike. The experience of greater ball speed is not a new phenomenon when using MATRIX Shafts. While hitting a golf ball more than four football fields is a great feat, it is now commonplace on the long-drive circuits.

MATRIX Shafts and the House of Forged Long-Drive Team have dominated the field in that department since 2007. Since then, MATRIX Shafts and House of Forged have taken the crown by winning the 2007, 2008 and 2009 RE/MAX World Long-Drive Championships. In the 2010 event, 7 of the 9 finalist were using House of Forged shafts designed and manufactured by MATRIX Shafts. Later in 2010, MATRIX Shafts and House of Forged swept the two Long-Drive Association’s international competitions in Europe. So far in 2011, the domination has continued, claiming 1st, 2nd and 3rd in all three LDA Tour events.

“I love seeing these guys ramp it up. It is exciting for us to hear so such buzz about our products,” said MATRIX Shafts Director of Tour Operations Joe Miera when asked how excited he gets when the RE/MAX Long Drive finals take place in Mesquite, Nev. “Our very capable engineers approach each new design with fresh ideas that may be in the face of what other companies are doing. Our head of design, Daniel You and his team, are constantly questioning ‘Why?’ The answers they come up with speak for themselves when you look at how many contestants on the LDA trust our products. Even out on the PGA Tour, I regularly see ball speed jumps of 5 mph when I get someone to try the product.”

About Matrix Shafts

Located in Anaheim’s Canyon Center for Advanced Technology, MATRIX was founded with the aim of creating the finest golf shafts available for tournament players and weekenders alike. Since its inception in 1993, MATRIX has become one of the world’s most influential shaft companies by designing transformative structures for nearly every golf company in the marketplace. MATRIX designs, manufactures and engineers performance-driven and technologically advanced shafts that are built on a patented Hexadecagonal (HD) platform. Coupling leading edge design with a nearly obsessive attention to craftsmanship, material selection and performance advancement, MATRIX has become a mainstay on the PGA Tour. MATRIX has increased its tour usage every year for 10 consecutive years. The best golfers in the world rely on MATRIX Shafts.

To learn more about MATRIX Shafts, please visit our website at, follow us on Twitter or “like” us on Facebook.

About House of Forged

HOUSE OF FORGED, Inc., located in San Diego, erupted on the long-drive scene in October 2007 when Mike Dobbyn won the RE/MAX LDA World Long-Drive Championship with our shaft. We followed in 2008 with Jamie Sadlowski winning the World Long-Drive Championship, and our shafts have performed in dominating fashion since that date. The secret of our success is quite simple. Our shafts are made in the USA by MATRIX, who is the “Rolls Royce” of shaft companies.


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