Don't tell advice don't ask advice

Golf is an old game and has an established track record. Many golfers think they have new ideas and tricks that will help them gain advantages but rest assured, there isn’t much new under the sun in this game. They say that the road to hell is paved with good intentions but I’m afraid that in Golf, good intentions often provide cover for gamesmanship. While warming up for a golf tournament, I had a gentleman approach me on the putting green. This particular guy has a reputation for cheating and winning against superior teams. He asked me if I placed my weight on my left foot or right foot when I take a back swing? If I had been a rookie, I might have fallen for the mind game but I was ready and simply answered both feet and then proceeded to ask him if he opens the putter face when he putts? I use this example to address a problem that runs throughout all aspects of golf. Unsolicited advice is a major point of conflict and contention. The rule of thumb should be that unless a person asks you for advice, don’t tell them what to do. A poor player passing out swing tips is much like tone deaf person giving singing lessons. This is especially true in Long Drive. Most of the competitors that I’ve met are well meaning and accessible. There’s no end to swing styles and techniques that can be found on the practice tee and if a fellow player is struggling and wants your input, by all means, tell him what you see but don’t charge into someone’s space and start passing out advice either as a way to help or to ensure that they are not a threat. Most people who are serious about Long Drive will have a coach or handler with them at events and that relationship has to be trusted and respected. There are different strokes for different folks and until one person places a patent on the golf swing, it will continue to be that way. The next time you catch someone using psychic games against you, respond with your own but the next time you think of offering your vast knowledge without the consent of others, you would do well to wait for an invite.



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