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American Power Golf (APG)

formally known as The Southern Swing and has been running long drive events for the past 5 years. Our goal was to provide competitive local long drive competitions for all the golfers in the South East.  We wanted the events to be assessable and affordable for the competitors which most of the events were drive in and out in one day. In 2011 we decided to add Pro-Ams to the events to raise awareness to the average golfer what special talents long drivers have. Most people when they think of golfers who hit it a long way will say Bubba Watson or John Daily. The golfers we pair with the scramble teams in the Pro-Ams hit it 100 yards longer than the PGA tour average.

APG Developmental Tour

This tour is a brand new idea that Lance Guest and Tyler Hagemann have been working on for some time now. The goal of this tour is to develop the talent of long driver’s outside of the top 100 in the world in hopes to graduate them to the ranks of other world class long drivers. It is my hope and vision to provide an affordable venue to allow competitor’s to develop their talent against competitors of similar skill.

This tour will be different in many ways.

First, there will be criteria as to who will be allowed into these events and who will not. Until we can finalize the criteria I will just say this, these events are designed for competitor’s who are outside of the top 100 in the world. A more detailed explanation will be coming in the next few days.

Second, the entry fees will be very small. We want to make this tour affordable. That means the pay outs will also be small. We intend to keep the entry fees between $100.00 – $200.00.

Third, the fields will be very small. These events will only be open to between 16- 24 competitors. There are many reasons for this but basically, we want to reduce the amount of time that these events take to run.
Fourth, these events will provide a venue to test equipment under competitive conditions. We hope to have launch monitors on site so competitor’s can test their equipment. We also, hope to have support from multiple manufacturers’ of long drive equipment to have demo clubs on site to test and even compete with.

Fifth, these events will be set up to provide each competitor with the best chance to succeed and build confidence. We plan to hit 8-golf balls in each round. We will make the grid as wide as possible. We will allow alignment aids and timing device’s to be used on the competition tee. We will take AT LEAST half the group through each round of competition and will likely take more than half in each round.

Sixth, although the goal of these event’s is not mainly to crown a winner, it is our goal to make sure the top 2-finishers in each event be paid well enough to give them enough money to compete in larger traditional LD events. Or to have enough money to upgrade their equipment. We will pay 4-spots in our full field 16-man events but the bulk of the money will go to the top two. Due to the small entry fees, if we spread the money too thin, the top finisher’s would likely not make enough to really make an impact on their long drive futures.

Seventh, these events will be about bringing back the fun that we used to have at long drive events. That means, playing golf and having meals together as a group.