Kyle Blakely winning swing at the Masters of Long DriveSome of the most talented golfers in the world enjoyed a beautiful day in Greater Atlanta. Few can be found to drive a club faster than Bubba, Tiger, and Dustin so when we had the honor of hosting 28 of the longest driver’s in the world we were excited to support The Foster Children’s Foundation with their efforts. As always, the long drivers did not disappoint hitting drives that the Pro Am participants will be talking about for years to come. A good time was had by all and the participants expressed awe that a golf ball could fly that far. The money raised for The Foster Children’s Foundation provides assistance to foster children in support of their family’s efforts to raise great kids. The Foundation includes mentoring programs that increase the children’s knowledge about being independent including applying to college, managing their finances responsibly, and preparing them for careers by assisting with resume writing. American Power Golf counts it an honor and a privilege to help further the work of this wonderful organization and support the people that make it possible to give kids a chance.

The crew came out swinging at Saturdays long drive event. Every bit of the 450 yd. grid was used and thanks to a little wind every group hit 400+ bombs all day. The display of raw talent and supersonic swing speed was amazing. The competition was tough with one of the deepest 26 man fields you will find anywhere. Since only 4 of 8 would advance from the round, it was awesome to see the shortest drive out of the round at 411 yds. It took a ball over 420 to make it to the next round. Kyle Blakely, Patrick Hooper, Justin Moose, Houston Hair, Dustin Merrill, Jeff Crittenden, Trent Scruggs, Steve Magan, Landon Gentry, and Clay Lanigan hit drives well over 400 yds. all day to make it to the shootout with a goal of Final 4 match play. Houston Hair, Trent Scruggs, Kyle Blakely, and Landon Gentry prevailed in making the final matchup. Houston Hair advanced past Landon Gentry while Kyle Blakely out distanced Trent Scruggs to make the final pairing. Giving an unforgettable show, these two players hit 400 yd. blast after blast to battle it out. Kyle hit a drive 427 yds. And was in the lead a Houston took on his final ball. Houston did not disappoint with a huge drive up the middle right of the grid. Anticipation was in the air as the wait was on for the numbers to be called back. The crowd knew it was close and the number called back was just 10 yds shy of the Kyle’s mammoth drive at 417. Kyle not only was the 2012 Masters of Long Drive Champion but also had the longest ball of the day at 431 yds. We congratulate Kyle Blakely and thank all of this year’s talented competitors.

APG looks forward to our next event The Dixie Classic on November 9th and 10th to be held at the prestigious Eagle’s Landing Country Club in Stockbridge, GA! Hit ’em Long!!!

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